Speech - Language Pathologist Position near Burton, MI

Speech - Language Pathologist Position near Burton, MI
Basic Function: Provides assessment and services for students with speech and language disabilities in the areas of articulation, receptive and expressive language, fluency, voice and deaf/hard of hearing
Representative Duties:
Identify, with the help of parents and school team, students who need communication assessments.
Assess students' communication skills using appropriate test instruments, parent and teacher interviews, record review and observations relating speech and language needs to classroom learning.
Evaluate the results of a comprehensive assessment to determine if the findings qualify students for speech and language or other services with the help of the school team and the child's parents/guardian.
Develop and implement individualized education programs (IEP'S) for students who qualify for services under current federal and state regulations and local policies within legal timelines, in collaboration with parents and school teams.
Service and remediate communication deficits through the use of appropriate materials and activities including augmentative and alternative communication systems which directly correspond to goals and objectives set forth in IEPs.
Document outcomes for students with communication disorders.
Train school staff and parents in understanding how various communication disorders affect academic development.
Collaborate with teachers and other school staff in developing and providing intervention strategies that foster students' understanding, speaking, reading and writing skills that meet the demands of general school activities through in services or personal communication with them.
Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology
Current Michigan state SLP credentials
Some school experience is preferred
All applicants, please email your resumes to Amy.Gomez@BilingualTherapies.com for immediate consideration.

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